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Tom Bihn is a picture-perfect icon of collaboration, teamwork, innovation integration, and a happy workspace. Located in Seattle, in Washington, Tom Bihn is a niche brand, known for manufacturing various genres of bags. Tom Bihn is adorned with a team of 47 dedicated, super enthusiastic yet professional workers who execute every step with skillful expertise. From designing to manufacturing, from marketing and promotion to packaging and finally, customer service, sales, and after-sales support, everything is done by the in-house team. Tom Bihn is a platform for collaboration and a happy brand for travel enthusiasts, backpackers, trekkers and hikers, and solo travelers.

From travel bags to trekking bags, from laptop bags to diaper bags, Tom Bihn designs and manufactures it all. One can redeem any Tom Bihn coupon code to enjoy the comfort and luxury of these items. 


One of the signature products of Tom Bihn is backpacks. From adventure trips and trekking tours to office tours and stay backs, backpacks are essential. One can carry a laptop, papers, books, food, clothes, camping and trekking gears, and camera in the backpacks designed and manufactured by Tom Bihn. Many of the backpacks available here have separate laptop compartments, pockets of various sizes, some are heavy, and some are even light. The lightweight ones are easy to carry and ideal for hiking and trekking. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, backpacks of Tom Bihn enhance the style quotient of the user. There are some amazing convertibles backpacks as well, which can be used both as a travel bag and a backpack.

Tote Bags

Tom Bihn’s tote bags are versatile, handy, and beautiful. From reusable grocery bags, duffel bags to knitting bags, and conventional totes, everything is available under the genre of tote bags. The designs are wonderful, simple yet useful, and all the varieties are available in a wide range of colors. They are ultra-lightweight, have sufficient pockets zipped compartments, multi-functional straps, and padded handles make it super versatile and useful. The duffle bags are perfect for adventure trips, while the café bags and totes are seamless for small outings and dates. 

Travel Bags

The travel bags by Tom Bihn are immaculately and thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of travelers of all kinds. For those who are organized and have the habit of segregating things as per their need, there is nothing better than these travel bags. They have two-point access, they are convertibles, they have shoulder padded straps, laptop compartments, and many come with organizers, and spiff kit to carry knick-knacks and snake charmers for USB cords, cables, and batteries. These bags are available in various sizes, and the small ones fit the cabin size of the airplanes. 


Crossbody bags are trendy, stylish, and mostly used by the young folks for various purposes. A messenger bag, a small shoulder bag, a café bag, and briefcase-style laptop bags are the most popular ones. Their zipped pop tote, monster truck tote bags, and crossbody shoulder bags are the best sellers. Tom Bihn has enhanced its crossbody collection by introducing the spacious, lightweight, and zipped diaper bags. 

Laptop and Tablet Bags

Laptop bags are sophisticated, useful, and handy. With zippers in all sections, a separate suspended compartment for laptops and tablets, small pockets for knick-knacks, and a separate area for cables and wires, these bags have won millions of hearts, particularly the corporate professionals. From black to grey, from brown to blue, the laptop bags are available in all sober colors.

Pouches and Wallets

From packing cubes, stuff sacks, organizer pouches to shoulder straps, and waist straps, Tom Bihn has everything. The organizer pouches look amazing, and the first-aid or medicine pouches looks super useful. Some are made of rayon and waterproof material, while some are made transparent so that finding things becomes easy and quick.


Tom Bihn is also known for a wide range of accessories collection. Starting from key straps, packing cubes, zipper pulls to handle loop, luggage tag and straps, strap keepers, and rolling luggage lash straps; you name it, and Tom Bihn has it. One can also find parts of straps, which are needed to set the broken strap in working condition and travel tray for seamless travels.

Retired Designs 

Tom Bihn has a section of vintage designs. These are the bags that the company once designed and presently considered as outdated. They are nice designs, just that they are not manufactured in the current days. Tom Bihn assures to recreate these pieces of stuff if there is a bulk demand for these. These antique staffs include a large café bag, pen wrap, a travel backpack with an internal frame and padded hip belt, extra or refill paper for your Field Journal Notebook. Packing cubes and Organization for your Field Journal.

Reusable Masks

To keep pace and to meet the requirements of the current pandemic situation, Tom Bihn now designs reusable cloth masks for everyone. Initially, this idea popped up as a charity for frontline communities, tribal nations, social workers, healthcare clinics, homeless shelters, essential workers, workers for veteran's health services, and people of economically weak. Presently, there are four varieties of masks that Tom Bihn sells. Each one is three-layered, made of polyester and cotton blend fabric, soft & stretchy, and non-elastic.

Tom Bihn Discounts

Tom Bihn is a brand that is up for sale and discounts throughout the year. From students to military discounts and for first-time order discounts, one can enjoy all these on their products. Every eCommerce sites like Amazon and promotional sites offer lucrative discounts starting from 20% to as high as 75%. Moreover, many aggregators offer Tom Bihn couponswhose code can be redeemed to get the deals. 

om Bihn Shipping Policies

Tom Bihn has a fairly well-described shipping policy. They ship orders between Mondays to Fridays apart from public holidays. One should place the order before 12:30 pm, Pacific Time), and only then the company can then ship the order on the same day, provided the order is in stock. Orders placed after 12:30 pm, the orders are shipped next working day. In case of urgent deliveries whose orders have been placed after 12: 30 pm, the customer should immediately connect with the helpdesk at or call at 1-800-729-9607 for a quick and win-win solution. Tom Bihn does not compromise on the quality of delivery. They work with United Parcel Service or UPS for the majority of the US and International shipments. The company transacts with United States Postal Service or USPS for small volume deliveries or special deliveries like places in Alaska, Hawaii, and APO/AE addresses. 

Due to the service of professional transporters, shipping is chargeable at Tom Bihn. From ground deliveries in the US, the shipments take between 1-5 working days to reach, depending on the location of the delivery. To facilitate the receiver, the UPS transit map tracks the delivery status and time frame. The customers should keep in mind that UPS does not transport on weekends and public holidays. For orders above $30, the UPS Ground shipping charge is $10, and for order value equal to or less than $30, the shipping charge is $9. For stipulated time deliveries like guaranteed 3-day delivery, the charge is $20, and for guaranteed 2-day delivery, the charge is $22. However, for these deliveries, the charges for Hawaii and Alaska are higher than the standard ones, nearly $42 and more depending on the delivery time limit. To enjoy a confirmed next day delivery, UPS charges $40 and $60 in Alaska and Hawaii.

For international deliveries, the customers have to bear the import duties and taxes. These can be paid at delivery, though a $10 brokerage remuneration may be evaluated unless former arrangements for the payment of duties and excises are made. The flat rate to all locations in Canada is $30, plus the import duties and taxes. UPS is also known for being the most responsible for overseas deliveries. They charge $45 for Singapore, Japan, Eu, and the UK and $65 for Australia and New Zealand down under. Outside the United States, rates, import duties, and excises are the accountability of the customer and are usually paid at the time of delivery. There are many countries like the UK and Germany that have fluctuating postal rates, so it is seamless to connect with the local postal facility to understand the import duty, which is to be paid during the delivery. Another option for an order value of $49 or below is the USPS. They are known for overseas first-class mail delivery to many countries outside the US. They charge $14 and takes about 10-14 days to deliver. This facility has a restricted tracking facility. USPS also delivers to Alaska and Hawaii and to lower 48 states of the US via their priority mail service. Priority mail takes about 3-10 days to arrive and charges $3 for a safe and secured shipping and delivery.

Returns and Refund Policy

The return and refund policy of Tom Bihn is well-cited and fairly explicit. If any customer finds the product defective, flawed, or if the product is not the one opted for, he may initiate the return, exchange, or refund process, within 60 days of receiving the product. The primary precondition for a return and refund is that the product needs to be in the best possible form, unused, not damaged, and incomplete original packaging. If the patron lives in the continental United States, he may use a handy Return Label Form to generate a prepaid UPS return label to send it back and may get charged $10 for this service. If he lives outside of the continental United States or would like to ship it via his method, he is requested to do so in the original packaging, if possible. If the original packaging is not possible, one can wrap the bag in a spacious sized, crushproof box, without folding and rolling. It is recommended not to pack the bag in a way that it cannot be resold and suffers permanent damage. Original shipping charges can be reimbursed only if a product has been changed, mis-shipped, or is flawed in constituents or craftsmanship. Once the company receives the product and scrutinizes its condition and approves the return, the same will be processed within two working days. If the refund is not reflected in the bank account or the card from which the purchase has been made, it is suggested that the customer should connect with the helpdesk for prompt resolutions.

Tom Bihn is a Seattle based brand known for designing and manufacturing wide genres of stunning and useful bags. 

Is the reparation work chargeable?

Flaws in raw materials or craftmanship are scarce but can happen as human errors are unavoidable at times. If something goes wrong and it's the manufacturer's fault, the company will rectify and repair it for free. Maintenances due to regular wear and tear or due to other factors that are not the company's fault will be completed at a rational charge.

How to track the orders, shipped by Tom Bihn?

To track the shipped orders, one should visit the account page and look for the order number. However, the customer will get an email from UPS with your tracking number, and one can track with that tracking reference number too.

Are the Tom Bihn Bags available at stores?

One can see the entire TOM BIHN collection at their Seattle Factory Showroom, located at Ohio Ave S., Seattle, in Washington. For patrons living outside of the Pacific Northwest, the best place to see and buy Tom Bihn products is through the online store at

Does Tom Bihn make custom-made bags?

The Seattle factory of Tom Bihn is dedicated to making their original designs. No customization is promoted here.

Why doesn’t Tom Bihn make bags on wheels?

Wheels and the connected hardware and stiffeners add substantial weight to a bag and are only workable on level surfaces. Tom Bihn’s original product line focusses on young folks who carry their loads and travel for treks, hikes, and other adventure activities. Bags on wheels are not useful for such adventure freaks.