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Travelgenio is a Spanish traveling online agency created in the year of 2010. Its primary focus and USP is the air travel industry and flights. But apart from this, it has products and services in hotels, car rentals, insurance, and transfers. The flights mainly cover the regions of the European Union and Latin America. Travelgenio has been enriching the world of tourism with the optimum use of modern technology and convinced that traveling can transform lives. It has an array of travel lovers that make the success of this agency possible. Thus it has dedicated itself to the service "to be and make travelers." Believing in the enormous potential of technology. It tries to keep itself updated with the rapid ever-changing advancements for a breathtaking experience for users. Its main goal is to infuse the passion of traveling among would-be travelers by providing all the necessary tools, transport, and services at the best rate possible. And even further, you can reap harvest to ravishing offers and discounts by using the travelgenio coupon code.

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Services by Travelgenio:

The websites and belong to Travelgenio S.L., a society with domicile in Albasanz, Madrid (Spain). These websites are designed to help people ease their travel plans by guiding them through every necessary detail for enjoying a vacation or trip. Apart from booking flights, it has car rentals and hotel accommodation features. This is widely used by travelers using these websites. And most often, these three services are used together in a combo so that there are no worries after visiting the destination. Various links are depicting the cheapest and best places to visit throughout the world. So if you have not made up your mind about the next holiday destination, travelgenio is by your side to help you chalk out one. 

Insurance and transfers are also part of their services. Ensuring travel insurance in travelgenio is available with exciting offers at minimal rates, and it is highly recommended.

Travelgenio Domestic and International Flight Discounts:

The travelgenio traveling service has a resident discount, regulated by Law 33/1987 and the Royal Decrees 1316/2001 and 1340/2007. This consists of a 50% discount on regular flight tickets. This is exclusively applicable to residents of any of the autonomous communities of the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla, who are citizens of Spain, the European Union, or other European Union Community states, or Switzerland.

These discounts are valid for direct flights(one-way and round trip) between the above mentioned autonomous countries and the rest of the Spanish territories. These discounts are also valid for flights between the islands themselves.

Passengers willing to avail of these discounts must prove their residency via a valid residence certificate as per Law 7/1985, articles 15 to 17. The resident's status will be checked by the airline at the registration desk at the boarding time. Travelers might be denied boarding with discounted tickets if they are not able to show the accrediting documents. So it is the traveler's sole responsibility to keep hold of the necessary documentation.

Remember, resident discounts are not applied to bookings where these are not requested before booking is complete. But don't be sad if you are not a resident of the countries mentioned above as airlines have their own set of discounts accredited with travelgenio that can be availed.

Travelgenio Special discounts:

Travelgenio cares about people's time and money. In this fast-paced life, it is difficult to go out and shop. To support this, it has issued an extensive number of its unique features, the travelgenio coupon code. Users receive these coupon codes from purchasing any travelgenio service that amounts to more than a certain number. Further, you can buy astonishing things at remarkably low prices from the best brands by using travelgenio discount coupon codes. This offers users a remarkable trial of web shopping with enthusiastic transport and stock trade. Be it cash on delivery, net banking, or parcel by strategies for debit or credit card, these coupons are ensured. Travelgenio coupons expect to energize the internet shopping foundation for clients.

Travelgenio cashback:

There are certain cashback draws from time to time, in which users can participate. Users have to submit the same email address as the one used during purchases. Winners will be notified via the respective email address, so keep checking them regularly. Alongside this, on purchasing products and services from travelgenio using certain banking transactions(credit card, debit card, net banking), you will get a cashback. The amount or percentage of cashback varies and depends on the banking conditions.

About Travelgenio customer service:

Travelgenio has a 24×7 customer service that answers all queries of users. It is even known to answer queries over the phone if the user provides their calling number. It also has its own set of questions across various fields. Apart from the frequently asked questions, it has questions about flight booking, things to remember before boarding, during the trip, and after the trip.

The contact page can be accessed by visiting You can inquire about how to cancel bookings, online check-in, luggage, payments, and a few other queries. The customer support is open 24/7 by phone. On 24,25, 31 December, and 1 January, the customer service is available via phone from 10 am to 7 pm (CET/GMT+2).

Phone: +91-117 1279057

Fax: +34 91 754 5683

Travelgenio Student discount and Military discounts:

Travelgenio does not have student and military discounts of their own. But it has a few airlines under their radar that provide student or military discounts.

The travelgenio airlines that provide student discounts are American Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Aegean Airlines. The list of airlines within travelgenio that offer military discounts are United Airlines, Japan Airlines, Alitalia and Delta Air Lines.

So if you want access to these types of discounts, you have to plan your journey with one of the respective airlines that fit the category.

Returns, Refund Policy, Shopping Tips:

Travelgenio charges an additional administrative fee for modifications, cancellations, or refunds. The administrative fee is €50, or it's equivalent in your local country for each passenger. Refunds, cancellations, or modifications are the user's sole responsibility, and they have to contact the customer service on opening hours. They must be in writing through the contact form. The right to cancel the purchase of any booking should be made at least seven days before the flight departure and 24 hours of making the booking.

Name changes, or other modifications are not allowed by the airlines. If you feel the need to make any modifications, you can cancel the complete booking and get a refund. Hence please pay attention while filling out passenger details in the booking form.

If a flight has been canceled, then the user will be refunded the whole amount.

There are numerous links to help travelers find the best place to visit at a reasonable price using a travelgenio coupon code. Apart from this, there are suggestions for organizing the trip, and steps to take after the trip, before completing the booking and during the purchase process.

Travelgenio reviews:

Travelgenio has found rave reviews from would-be travelers and travel enthusiasts. With over 100 airlines associated with the service. You have a lot of options for travel. Apart from this, the other services to make travel easier associated alongside flights have caught people's attention. And they simply love it.

Suppose I want to travel with my pet. Can it be added while booking?

Contact the travelgenio customer service and inform your wish of adding a pet for travel. You have to provide information about the pet like type, size, weight, and dimensions of the carrier box for transporting. This information will be passed on to the airline. Once they give a thumbs up, contact the airline directly about the transport conditions like sanitary requirements, fares, and billing terms.

Is it necessary to buy travel insurance?

It is recommended. It's always better to be covered in case a problem arises during the trip. Falling ill or facing an accident on foreign soil is not a lot of fun. Therefore it is always handy to have medical insurance at all times during the trip. You may purchase travel insurance directly from the website. And these come with a travelgenio coupon code. So it's a win-win situation for you.

What to do if baggage is lost?

In cases such as this that includes destruction, deterioration, delay, or loss of baggage. Immediately go to the desk of the airline and fill in the Property Irregularity Report(PIR). They will collect all the relevant information about the loss and help the airline find the baggage and proceed with the required measures.

What to do if the airline has made a change in its flight timing?

Suppose you have received a notification about the change in flight timings. It is best to contact the travelgenio customer service and inform whether the alternative itinerary is adequate for your needs. It is also recommended to contact airlines directly if less than 72 hours remain before the flight departure.

Is luggage included in the booking?

The baggage allowance is displayed in the second step of the online purchase. A suitcase icon next to selected flights resembles luggage. If there is a red checkmark above the icon, this means luggage is not included as part of your itinerary. The maximum allowable weight of luggage is usually 23 kg and may vary as per airline. If a single suitcase is displayed, you may check-in one piece of luggage, and two suitcases indicate two pieces of luggage and so on. Suppose you feel the need to add more luggage. It is recommended to consult the airline directly, or the customer service by phone.

What are the modes of payment? Is it safe?

The travelgenio payment servers accept all types of debit or credit cards. The use of debit or credit cards is the most secure and easiest method of payment for bookings. The Secure Socket Layer protocol protects every payment information. SSL technology guarantees the confidentiality of payment information through encryption. Hence payments are 100% safe and secure. Travelgenio servers accept Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, MasterCard, and diner club cards. For security reasons, sometimes the payment has to be completed through a secure payment channel like Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code. In such cases, an encrypted email will be sent containing a link to the payment site. You will have to verify the payment with your financial institution.

What documents are required for travel?

These generally depend on the nationality and flight route. It is recommended to contact the relevant authorities like an embassy, police station, and vaccination centers. Having necessary documents during travel is the sole responsibility of the passenger. There will be no reimbursement if one is denied boarding due to insufficient documentation.

What is the fare for minors, and what are the special conditions associated with them?

Babies or infants below the age of two years at the time of travel have to be accompanied by an adult older than 18. They do not have their seats booked for them. The fare is a variable percentage of the adult tariff. As a rule, it tends to be around 10% of the price of an adult ticket. But this varies across airlines. Children or better to say minors are the ones who have reached two but not 12 years of age at the time of their flight. They occupy a seat but have to be accompanied by a person over 18 years of age. A variable percent of an adult ticket price is paid. This typically ranges between 67% to 75%. Airlines usually have an acceptance rule for the maximum number of children per adult. That is 1. One baby 2. One baby and one child under five years of age 3. Two children under the age of five years

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