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For the last ten years, Treedom has been the only online company to appoint someone to plant a tree for you. Since 2010 the company has planted more than one million trees throughout three countries – Africa, South America and Italy. All the trees have some sort of social, environmental and financial benefits. These trees are directly planted by the local farmers, and they also take good care of your tree every day. Every single tree planted by Treedom is being photographed on a regular way as proof of growth. The owners can take these photos to keep them or send a gift to someone close. Still, confused about the procedure? Here is how it works: We all want to make our world greener. Due to deforestation and civilization, the deep green has started becoming lighter day after day. That causes lots of climate changes like global warming, an increase of CO2 level in the air. In one sentence, the world is going to become unlivable for us. To get rid of that, we have to do a lot of things to heal the world. One of the most important among them is planting thousands of trees. We are 7.7 billion people living now.

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If 50% of the entire population plants one tree each, then there's going to be enough green for our survival. But who has the time for that? We all are so busy in our everyday life inside the concrete. In large cities, there is barely a place for trees to grow so large. But there's a lot in the rural areas and forests. This is where Treedom comes into the business. You just wish for a tree to be planted and Treedom farmers will pay for the rest for you. Confused!! You will find out soon.

How It Works

This process is also called one tree in one click. Just log in to Treedom's website and select a tree that you love the most. The Treedom farmer will plant that tree in his country and takes care of it. He will click the photo of the tree, and there will be an online page for the tree, where every information related to that tree will be stored. You can check it whenever you want. As the tree becomes larger, it starts absorbing more CO2 and brings back fresh oxygen into the air. In the Treedom website, there is a special called “Capture CO2". Using that feature, you can calculate how much CO2 do you plant removed from the air every day. It’s a kind of self-satisfaction.

Treedom Projects

Treedom has grown a lot in the last decade. So far, they have planted 1284075 trees in 17 different countries. Throughout the world, they have 75533 farmers working actively. Successfully they have already emitted 378041920 kg of CO2 from the air. This is a great achievement so far; but, it’s not enough.

Farmer Benefits

You are selecting a tree from Treedom means you are buying or adopting a tree under your name. Therefore you need to bare its costs for the fertilizers, medicines and so many other things essential for nurturing a tree. This helps the farmers. The money you spent goes straight to the farmers. Hence, they get a scope for some income. When the tree starts to become productive, that will also give them an extra opportunity to earn some money.

Environmental Benefits

You plant one tree that helps a lot to the environment. As the number of planted trees increases, it starts to absorb the CO2 and this starts happening all over the world. The more the carbon dioxide is being absorbed, the more the biodiversity will get protected. Trees help to decrease soil erosion. Moreover, the reforestation starts happening for sure.

Plant a Tree

This is the main product section of the Treedom official website. Here you have lots of trees to choose based on the climate and country. You need to choose the tree and pay the adaptation cost for that. The farmer from that respective country will plant the tree for you and send you the first photo of your tree. He also will send you a regular update about how is it doing.

There are two types of tree plantation available – 1. You can plant one tree, and 2. You can go for a monthly subscription.

  1. Plant one tree: Here, you need to choose one single tree and pay for it. The farmer will plant a tree for you, and you will see its performance and growth online. There are so many trees with different environmental benefits. You can choose to plant a coffee tree, avocado, cacao, mango, papaya, baobab, macadamia, lemon, Spanish cedar etc. You can also go for a package like two trees package, three trees package, five trees, seven trees and 12 trees package. You will have all the details of these packages available on the website.
  2. Monthly Subscription: You may also choose a monthly subscription that will help the farmers a bit more because they will be receiving a monthly income. Plus, your contribution to making the world greener will become regular. You can go for a subscription in which one new tree will be planted every month under your name. There are also some types of subscriptions where the measurement is the amount of CO2­ to be emitted from the air. In one type of subscription, the farmer will plant the number of trees that can emit 3 or 7 or 12 tons of CO2 from the air in one year. Nw it is up to you that what will you choose to make the world a better place.

Why Treedom?

What does it mean to plant a tree via Treedom? The tree you choose, the farmer will plant that one for you and give you a regular update on its online page. You can see how your plant is growing from your home. Your small contribution will help the farmer community. They can use your money as a part of their income. Above all, you are helping the world to heal by planting trees. Once the tree becomes bigger, it starts emitting more carbon dioxide from the air and produce fresh oxygen. Your tree also protects the soil and biodiversity. The farmer community of the world is in great danger. The people who feed us throughout the year do not have their own food to eat. Due to this modern civilization and industries, the air, water and soil become polluted. The farms are not as much product as they were 20 years before. Hence, it is our responsibility to save both the environment and farmers together. With Treedom, we can save the environment by making it planting more trees. At the same time, the money we spend for the tree plantations helps the farmer community to arrange their food.

Treedom Discounts

There are different types of Treedom discounts available on different occasions. But there is one fixed discount that you will get every time you purchase. Go for the monthly package, subscribe to the monthly package for one year, and you will get the first month free. On every monthly package, you will get the first-month discount. But it is not possible that you get the first month free then you discontinue the package. You will have to pay the monthly amount for 11 months, and you will get the service for 12 months. This is how it works.

Gift a Tree

You can also gift a tree to your dearest ones for any occasion. Just choose a tree for the list. Pay for it, and the farmer will plant the tree for you. Then get the photograph of the tree and write the name and purpose of gifting on it and send it via email or a postcard to your dearest one. You can give a tree as a birthday gift, wedding gift, celebration for a new baby, graduation, mom and dad's anniversary and many more.


People who have planted a tree through Treedom are very much happy with this innovative idea and service. Every customer has given their best wishes to this great initiative by Treedom. People have shared about how their feeling once their trees are being planted successfully. You can find these feedbacks and reviews section of the website.

To make the world greener and healthier, there is no substitute for planting new trees. And Treedom has made this process easier by making it online. With millions of trees planted in several countries, Treedom has made a lot of contribution to the environment. Now it's your turn to shake hands with Treedom and contribute to healing the world. Just open the Treedom website in your spare time and choose your favourite tree. Pay for it, and your tree will be planted in its proper area by the farmer. Time to time, you will get the updates about how your tree is performing. We waste a lot of money every day doing unnecessary things. This is something you can spend your money, and it will not be wasted at all. Let's make the world a better place to live for the next generations.

How to Pay?

Treedom accepts PayPal payments. So if you have a PayPal Account, then just add the money using your credit or debit card and pay it to Treedom. You need to pay one time for each tree. Once the tree is planted successfully, you do not need to pay anything. It will be the farmer’s responsibility to take care of the tree and keep you updated.

How to plant a tree?

Go to and click on the login button on the top right corner. As a new user, you can log in using your Facebook or Google account. This needs lesser time to create your profile. Once the profile is done, just click on the "Plant a Tree" option and then choose your favourite tree and pay for it. Treedom farmer will plant that tree for you.

How long does it take to get the first photograph of my tree?

Generally, it takes some time to plant your tree. It depends based on the tree you have chosen. By checking the weather condition and the species of the tree, the perfect area is being chosen, and then the farmer will plant the sapling for you. Once it is planted properly, the first photo of the tree will be published on the Tree Diary. If you have gifted the tree to someone, then that person will also get notified with the first photo of the tree.

What to learn from Tree Diary?

It is a platform where you will find all the details of the tree you planted. First of all, there will be photos and geolocation data of your tree. Along with that, there is news of the climate and community of that area where your tree is planted. So you will get to know what is happening around there. Also, you will get the information about that particular species and how is it growing time by time.

What is a Horoscope Tree?

There is a particular tree for every Zodiac sign. It has the same meaning that links the zodiac sign and its corresponding tree. All the Horoscope trees are available at Treedom. Just click this link and find out detailed information about horoscope Trees. You just need to choose your zodiac sign and click on “Discover”. It will show you what the exact tree is for you. There are complete descriptions about its species, the best area to grow and uses in human life. You can also find out which nursery has that species and how much CO2 does it can emit from the environment.

How to follow my tree?

Login to your profile, there you will find the name of the tree you have planted. By clicking on the tree, you will get to know all the up-to-date information about your tree. Also, Treedom sends you an email every time there is an update about your tree.

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