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About TST Industries

TST Industries is all about revolutionizing sportbikes and serving as a secondary market. It was founded in 2007 by Bart Rogowski. The engineering and fabrication journey of Bart has brought him closer to his passion. Initially, he created a simple fender eliminator and integrated tail lights for his buddies to enhance their riding experience. Gradually, he transformed his hobby of recreating bikes into a business by developing parts and accessories. The year 2010 was a real turning point when the 2007-2012 CBR600RR In-Tail Integrated Tail Light was created. It has brought great recognition and reputation online, and their orders were also increasing day-by-day. The whole team of TST Industries is full of passion and a track fanatic.

TST Industries Shopping Tips

Always keep in mind that all the products or accessories by TST Industries are designed for the US sportbikes. However, most of their products work on international bikes, but they do not hold the responsibility if any of the accessories will not work on any international bike. Check local laws of the country you are ordering the parts to. If the products are not allowed to be shipped to your country, the order will be canceled. TST Industries ship products only to certain via USPS Priority Mail International.

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Hurry up and make use of this amazing deal to buy TST PROGRAMMABLE AND SEQUENTIAL LED INTEGRATED TAIL LIGHT FOR YAMAHA YZF-R3 2015+ / FZ-07 2015-2017 from from tstindustries.com at only $109.99


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Popular TST Industries Coupon Codes

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$136.76 Deal Get WOMET-TECH TOTAL CRASH PROTECTION PACK FOR YAMAHA FZ-09 / MT-09 2014+ at only $136.76
$146.99 Deal Get TST ELITE-1 ADJUSTABLE FENDER ELIMINATOR FOR BMW S1000RR 2020+ at only $146.99

There are four mottos set by TST industries. They go as follows:

  • Be Different, Be Better
  • Design Without Bounds
  • Street or Track, We Have Your Back
  • Revitalizing the Sportbike Industry.

In 2012, TST industries were just a team of three, including Bart, Kim (Bart's wife), and Steven. All this began when moving to central Florida in the summers during that year. There Steven Fox joined Bart as an engineering intern. Steven and Bart shared an 8ft x 8ft office back then. Since then, three of them have never looked back and continued manufacturing exciting products for all passionate and enthusiastic riders.

TST Industries work to bring quality products and standard designs. They understand the value of money and follow a “Bang-For-Your-Buck” Recipe. This recipe is an end product of the combination of two philosophies. These are explained below:

  • "We don't do cheap, We don't do expensive. We do smart."

This helps TST industries to manufacture products that are affordable to all their customers. They work with cost-saving efficiency themselves and for their customers as well.

  • When you buy from TST, you're buying straight from the source.

TST industries are capable of providing affordable products and services because they follow a direct approach with the bike owners. There is no involvement of third parties like retailers and distributors. This helps its customers to save more than 50%.

Besides all these affordable pricing and direct shipment, tst industry coupon code is also something that they offer—this a perk for being a customer of TST Industries.

Read further to know everything that tstindustries.com offers, beginning with its products and services.

TST Industries is a brand that manufactures unique and stylish custom motorcycle parts. They have the aim to break the mundane experience that sports enthusiasts have to face. TST industries have taken the responsibility to upgrade the boring regular look of sportbikes by supplying replacement accessories. They are on a continuous mission of launching cool parts. All their products are designed, keeping the manifesto "Design Without Bound" in mind.

Its wide range of products include:

  1. TST Programmable and sequential LED Integrated Tail Light:

This product is available for different brands like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Kawasaki Ninja. With a 4.5-5 star rating, this product has a reasonable price of $109.99.

  1.  TST MCH-GTR Front LED turn Signals:

This is available for select FZ/MT Yamaha Models. The price of this product is $59.99. There is a wide range of choices on its color.

  1. TST Undertail, Fender, ELiminator, & Integrated LED Tail Light System:

It is available for Honda Grom 2017+ at an affordable price of $119.99. The product is rated with 5-stars.

  1. TST WORX 520 Lightweight Aluminium Rear Sprocket:

This product is designed for Yamaha YZF-R3 2015+/ MT 03 2020+. Its price is $69.99.

  1. TST Elite-1 Fender Eliminator and Undertail Kit:

It is designed for Kawasaki Z900 2017+. Buy it from TST Industries at $61.99. The Fender Eliminator is also available for Yamaha FZ-09/ MT-09 2017+ at $114.99.

  1. TST LED Flushmount Turn Signals for Honda Grom:

It can be bought at $15.99 with a 4.9-star rating. It is available in two lens colors, Smoked and Clear.

  1. TST Worx Pack:

 It applies to Yamaha YZF-R3 2015+ and Yamaha MT-03 2020+. Following products are included in the pack:

  • TST WORX Velocity Stacks
  • TST WORX Airbox Covers
  • TST WORX Smog Block Off kit
  • TST WORX Spec ECU Tune
  • MWR Full Race Air Filter
  • Yoshimura Race Alpha-T Works Finish Full Exhaust System

Even without applying any tst industries coupon code, the products in this pack are available with huge discounts.

  1. Womet-tech Total Crash Protection pack:

This applies to Yamaha FZ-07/Mt-07 2015+. The pack contains:

  • Bar End Sliders
  • Frame Sliders (your choice between Standard or EVOS)
  • Fork Sliders
  • Rear Axle Slider System

This total protection pack costs $158.36 only.

  1. TST Spooled Captive Chain Adjusters:

This product is specialized for Honda Grom 2013+. This product with a high 5-star rating can be bought at $114.99.

  1. TST LED HALO-1 Flush mount Turn Signals:

This product can replace 2013+ Honda CBR600RR signals. These are available in four different Glow colors ranging from Red, blue, orange to Hyper White. It enhances the bike look. It costs $49.99.

  1. TST LED In-Tail Integrated Tail Light:

 It could change the look of the Honda CBR600RR 2007-2012 range. It is available for an easy purchase for $99.99.

  1. TST Twill Carbon Fiber Front Fender:

It is designed for enhancing the front fender of Yamaha YZF-R3 2015-2018 by TST Industries. It costs $169.99.

These are some featured products on tstindustries.com. TST industries have secondary accessories for Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, WORX, and Universal.

Their prices are a great deal for any sportbike enthusiast to turn the mundane sportbikes into modern, aggressive, yet cool looks. Along with affordable prices, the offered discounts are appealing to customers. Besides discounts, one can always opt for any tst industries coupon code for an affordable and smart purchase.

Along with all these products, the website has a dedicated blog section. These blogs are related to TST Industries products, events, NEWS, Tech tips, and TST Culture. Their blogs are easy-to-understand and quite helpful.

They upload videos on YouTube about the easy replacement of different accessories. Their customers and followers find all their stuff helpful and productive.

tst industries free shipping:

For shipping purposes, a third party is involved with TST Industries. USPS ships the items of TST Industries. However, the terms and conditions of TST Industries declare that they are not at all responsible for USPS delays or errors in shipping. They do not hold any such policy of fixed time delivery. They are fixed about the handling time, i.e., 1-2 business days. The shipping time solely depends on the selected shipping method.

TST Industries offer free shipping for domestic orders. Only the United States of America customers get free shipping for those orders that cost more than $150.00 (before taxes applied).

There are certain products of TST Industries that cannot pass the free shipping criterion even within the USA. These include exhausts, bodywork, and stands. The weight and size of these items are not eligible for free shipping. Besides this, all the terms and conditions are equally applicable to all the free shipping products.

For applying discounts on products, feed the applicable tst industries coupon code into the coupon code field. It is necessary to input the code before checking out the item. Even the applicable coupon code will not work after shipment is confirmed.

For any query regarding the shipment issues contacting the USPS is the only possible option. All the tracking information is provided to the customer as soon as the item ships. After shipment, TST Industries will not be responsible for product delivery.

tst industries military discount:

TST Industries provides US Military discounts to all the Military personnel. For getting the military discount on any purchase from tstindustries.com, contact the company before confirming the shipment. They can be contacted via email.

To get the military discount, one can draft an email by attaching a copy of their military ID. Alternatively, one can send an email mentioning their order number using the respective military email address. All the military officials following the mentioned terms and conditions are eligible to get a 10% refund on each purchase.

Returns, Refund Policy, Shopping Tips(if any):

This section is prepared for all the queries of returns, refunds, and shopping tips:

  • Return policy:

TST Industries has a 30-days return policy. Any product is eligible for a return only during this period. For returning an item, visit the Returns tab on the top right corner of the website. It will lead you to the return request form. A return might be canceled without a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

Only the items with original packaging and condition will be considered eligible for return. For returning a product to TST Industries, the buyer has to bear return shipping charges. Even the free shipment items will be refunded, excluding the shipping charges.

Return of certain items may also demand a restocking fee to cover the expense incurred in processing the return. To avoid the expense of restocking fees, the product must be returned with an RMA# in an intact condition, complying with all the return policies.

If a wrong product is delivered to any customer that will be taken care of by TST Industries. In such cases, nothing will be charged from the customer.

The process of exchanging must be dealt with two separate transactions. The first one for returning the item for an applicable refund and the second one for making a new purchase in a separate order.

  • Refund:

TST Industries initiated the refund after 3-5 days of receiving the return.

In case of returning the exhausts, there is a special policy. They are eligible for a no-restocking-fee refund only when returned in brand new condition with all the original packaging intact. However, if any exhaust system is found installed/mounted or used in any way may incur a restocking fee of 30% or higher. It solely depends on the extremity of damage or usage.

  • Warranty period:

All the items by TST Industries come with a one year warranty against manufacturer defects. The customer can claim the warranty by filling out the return request form. The customer has to bear the expense of sending the product to TST Industries. Once it reaches the company, the item will be tested and taken care of completely. It will be repaired or even replaced once the manufacturer defect is detected. The shipping charge of repaired or replaced items will be on the company.

This warranty will not be issued for the products by another manufacturer if there is no stated warranty.

  • Shopping tips: Keep these points under consideration while making any purchase on tstindustries.com
  1. All the payments will be made only in US Dollars.
  2. There might be additional charges for shipment of International order based on their size.
  3. Checking the applicable tst industries coupon code would be helpful to get a discount on the purchase.

TST Industries Reviews:

TST Industries has earned a loyal customer base since 2007. They have been working for their intended mission since then, i.e., to enhance the experience of sport bikers. They provide extraordinary customer support. Their professional installation videos make the installation by the customer piece of cake. The website even offers pre-purchase advice on each product. The majority of TST Industries' customers are found satisfied with the products and services.

All the products offered by them are worth buying.

Is there any age restriction for using tstindustries.com?

The site is not intended for anyone who is below 13 years of age.

Are there any special discounts offered on tstindustries.com?

Yes, some of their products are eligible for special discounts. Some products can be purchased using special tst industries coupon code.

What is the official email address of TST Industries for customers?

The customers can seek support by drafting an email on support@tstindustries.com.

What are the methods of payment on this website?

One can pay via Debit or credit card. Another option of payment is possible via PayPal account.

Is it possible for a customer to cancel a product from TST Industries?

Yes, it is possible to cancel a product before its shipment begins.

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