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It is an official store that got started in 2013 with the broadcasting of Uwowo Cosplay, whose focal point is creating high-quality costumes and props intending to bring new strength to the development of the cosplay industry. Cosplay is defined as an entertainment art in which all the participants are called cosplayers to wear the costumes along with the fashion accessories to represent themselves as a specific character, and it is very popular among all the genders. This trend has emerged from the practice of fans dressing at the science fiction shows. So, this entity designed unique and beautiful costumes for all those who are going to perform a drama.

Recently, they have opened two units of their own on Tmall and Taobao Mall, which with the time they have acquired a million followers within the five years. After analyzing the sales data, it has been accumulated that it has been listed as the Top No 1 in the Chinese cosplay market in the year 2017. During the commencement of 2016, they released a new platform with the name huamoe.com which aims to connect the several designers and the clients under the one umbrella. Till now, it has gained more than 16000 designers to showcase their outstanding work. The complete name of this official store is Hangzhou HuaYu Cultural and Creative Co., LTD, which beliefs in delivering the mind aesthetically and designer costumes created by the well-known artists.

UWOWO Cosplay offered a variety of costume products that allure most customers as they create it with more love, passion, and professionalism for the several customers. They aim to offer different customers a variety of costumes living in different countries. They always try their best to provide the clients with the best services because every client is of utmost importance. They have been deliberately involved in creating the products such as Demon slayer, cosplay wig, Halloween dresses, other game costumes, demon slayer costumes, swimsuits, summer costumes, etc. for the entire customer. So, this store has collaborated with more than 40 forums like ChinaJoy and ComiCup, etc. For them, getting a team-up with many covers from the entire world is a very pleasant experience.

UWOWO Cosplay Free Shipping

It has been analyzed and found that this official site offering attractive and beautiful costumes for the cosplayer does not offer the product without charging any shipping charges. It does not have any free shipping option available for the several customers ordering the fabulous products from this site through the online retail sites. Apart from this, the individual keeps on checking so that they must be aware that this site will offer its costume without charging any shipping cost in the future.

UWOWO Discounts from Aliexpress

Customers must not miss the opportunity which Aliexpress has stored for them. So, they must go ahead and unfold this chance of buying the Uwowo anime fate stay; night heavens feel saber costumes, etc. at the discounted rate. With the usage of a wood discount code, the customer must not miss a suitable time by buying the costume at the discounted price. Apart from this, a customer should go ahead and discover the wide range of women's clothing, novelty, and special-use Apparel accessories at the nominal rate from the Aliexpress Top seller Uwowo. This Aliexpress site also provides quality uwowo costume with free worldwide shipping only on the selected items. This is the right set of circumstances for the customers to save money. This shopping site prepared a series of events and coupons along with the discount whenever any occasion is coming for the thrilling and excited customers. That way, they can get a moment to enjoy the big offer put forwarded by this well-known site.

UWOWO Cosplay reviews

This site, which offers a wide range of charming and alluring costumes, is declared the best online cosplay store. This site ships all its products at a fairly fast rate compared to the other shopping sites. The customer service team of this site is very friendly and eager to resolve the queries of the entire customer related to any product or the services offered by the UWOWO site. As the team of this shopping site responds professionally and well-mannered by answering all the questions received from the customer's side. Also, the Uwowo store's costume is wonderful, which has been created with detailed finishing, marked by exactness and accuracy of expression, or detail, quite comfortable to wear, and graceful and stylish in appearance. It appears that the fabric used by this costume selling store chooses the fabric which is a perfect one to create the ravishing and glamorous costumes for their customers and the embroidery pattern on each dress is eye-catching as it amazed everyone with its finishing. The Dresses made by this Uwowo cosplay is made up of silky and stretchable fabric which can fit on anybody along with the fluffy and water-proof. Overall, this is an Asian shop, so they tend to aim that they will deliver the products which, therefore, allow the customer to experience true beauty and elegance. All the dresses created by this site demonstrate the feminine, chic, and sophisticated, which is entirely perfect for all the occasions. The key purpose of this site is to create an impressive costume, with the usage of the satin fabric and most appealing part of their costume designed for the cosplayer is the broader print pattern inscribe on the dresses made by this costume designer shopping site.

Describe the exchange policy of this Uwowo Cosplay site.

Uwowo Cosplay only replaces the products if they have received any defective or damaged items. To start the exchange procedure, a customer has to send an email at the uwowocosplay@gmail.com so that the specialist team can start the process.

What is the membership plan of this Uwowo Cosplay site?

In the membership plan, a customer can earn the U coins in multiple ways, which they can later exchange to avail of the discount on certain items, gifts, and free products. Even the customers who have opted for the membership get 100 u coins on their birthday, by creating their account on this official site of costume and props that certain member will get 100 U coins, on buying any product from this site the member will get 1 U coins for every dollar they have spent on the items, and therefore, by attending the special event organized by them also facilitates the member to earn the U coins. If any customer chooses to cancel/return/refund their product, the U coins they have earned will be deducted.

How does the customer can make the payment for every purchase they make from the official site of this costume shop?

Uwowocosplay allows all the customers to make the payment through the PayPal method.

How much does this site charges for the shipping of the goods?

Regarding the products' shipping charges, this site enables the user to check out the amount charged by them while purchasing the product. As whenever the customer adds the product to their cart and clicks on the checkout button once, and the customer has entered the complete details, the system will automatically allow them to calculate the shipping charges. Almost, the shipping charges entirely depend upon the courier services selected by the customer whenever they place the order and select the deliverable location.

Describe the Return policy of this company.

As per the Return policy of this company, the customer can avail only in the two circumstances listed below: 1. Customers can return the goods within the 15 days of receiving the products by sending an email on uwowocosplay@gmail.com to start the after-sale services. 2. The item that needs to be returned should be unused, and in the same condition, the customer has received it, i.e., it must only be in its original packaging. To complete the return process, the team of this Uwowo Cosplay requires a receipt or proof of the purchase from the customer.

How does any individual can contact the customer care team if that particular member faces any issue?

If any individual wants to contact the customer care team of the Uwowocosplay site, then that particular member can get in touch with them through the following details: Email ID: uwowocosplay@gmail.com (Monday to Friday 09:00am-06:00pm) Company Address: Room 804, DeXin Digital industrial Building, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Phone number: 0571-28231600 The customer service team of this official site remains closed on Saturday, Sunday and during holiday seasons.

How does the customer can cancel their order, which they have requested from this cosplay costume design site?

If any customer wants to cancel their order from this costume design site then that particular person has to follow the following instructions which are being illustrated below: 1. The customer has to contact the customer service team of this Uwowocosplay designer site by sending them an email or through the online chat services or by sending them the messages with the order number along with the recipient name and the contact details to the team which that particular individual wants to cancel within 24 hours after placing the order. 2. After receiving all the requisite details, the staff members of this Uwowocosplay site will cancel the order and initiate the refund back to the customer. So, the customer will receive the refund mail once the entire process gets completed. 3. Also, every customer makes sure if they do not get in touch with the customer service team within 24 hours, and simultaneously the order has already been got shipped. It will be very difficult for the team to cancel the order.

How does a customer can make the changes if in case they have entered the wrong address details?

If in case, a customer mistakenly enters the wrong address then that particular individual has to follow the details listed below to make the amendments: 1. The customer has to contact the company’s customer care team through email/online chat/messenger with their order number within 24 hours and have to send the correct address details in the format mentioned below: a. Country: b. State: c. City: d. Street Number: e. Postcode: f. Name of the customer and contact details: 2. Whenever any individual sends the mail or a message to make the changes in the address, then that particular person must make sure that they provide the complete name along with their contact details to verify the identity of the customer so that the company did not faces any issue while dispatching the order. 3. But if in case the order has already been got dispatched from the company’s official site, then it would be very difficult for the company to make further changes in the address. 4. However, if the confirmation from the company's official site has been received to the customer that the correct address details have been updated on their site. Still, the information in the order history of the customer will not be updated because of the system setting.

How does a customer can place their order on the official site of this Uwowocosplay?

If any customer is genuinely interested in buying the costume from this official site of this Uwowocosplay, they have to follow the steps mentioned below: 1. First of all, the individual has to add all the items which they want to buy from the store to the cart or otherwise, directly they can click on the buy it now button for the direct purchase. 2. After adding all the items in the cart, then the individual has to click on the checkout button to fill out the details of their address wherein that particular individual wants to get the product delivered. 3. Once the individual has provided all the details, that person has to choose the shipping method. Also, that particular individual has to mention their email id for receiving the order confirmation mail and shipping details, i.e., tracking number from this official site. 4. Regarding the payment, the individual has to complete it through the PayPal method. After all these things, that individual will receive the order confirmation mail from the company's side. 5. Whenever the company ships the order, then at the same time, they will send the shipping details directly to the customer so that they can track their products.