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About Vivo Life is an online store which deals in providing organic health food such as protein powder and supplements that can boost the immune system of the people. It hardly matters whether an individual is a vegan, a sports lover, or simply looking for an alternative method to improve their eating habits. Now, this is a time to say goodbye to overpriced and ineffective supplements made up of artificial ingredients. It has been observed that the Vivo life promises to deliver those products, which are a plant-based supplement, and they firmly believe that for every order, they plant one tree with the aim of reforestation whose strategy is to fight against global warming. As with this agenda, it helps protect the important species of animals as it helps rebuild habitats.

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$18.99 Deal Get Men\'s Tee - For The Living (White) at only $18.99
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Vivo life believes that they will develop an adequate supply of nutritious foods that can meet both global demands through agroforestry. Hence, they also ensure that by planting a tree, they can reduce poverty to some level. Vivo life thrives on the mission of creating a delicious vegan product without damaging the mother-nature or the earth.

Why are Vivo life products so popular?

As per the research, a plant-based diet created by Vivo life has scientifically proven to be the healthiest food in today's world. Vivolife believes in delivering such kinds of products that help build, repair, and maintain the structure of an individual's body. Plant-Based Protein food components are the best way to maintain the digestive balance of the body. They tend to contain healthy amounts of fiber, which in turn control the bowel movements and proven in reducing the risk of gut inflammation.

Advantages of Vivolife products:

  1. Vegan products created by Vivo life are a combination of high protein experience with a serving of 20g with low fat and minimal carbohydrates.
  2. Only plant-based supplements have fiber that helps in maintaining the digestive system balanced.
  3. Every human body requires a balance of 22 types of amino acids to work properly, which they can get from the protein powder as they are made up of amino acids.
  4. Viva life produces superfoods with great content of healthy organic food such as yellow pea, brown rice protein, pumpkin seed protein, and sunflower seed protein by spending countless hours evaluating multiple sources to formulate everything to bring the best tasting Plant-based supplement.

Vivo life protein discount code

Using vivo life discount code, anybody who wants to buy a healthy plant-based supplement can avail of a discount on it. As per the Vivo life site, if any individual is a new customer and is registering for the first time on the site, they can avail of a 10 % discount on the protein supplement. The existing customer can save up to 12% on the products supplied by vivo life. The customer can also get a discount of $10 (Rs 754.65) with the vivo life coupon code in which every customer will get the product free of cost as no shipping charges would be charged.

Vivo life loyalty code

Loyalty code is a marketing strategy implemented to encourage the customers to continue shopping or use the services of a business provided by the Vivo life. Irrespective of wherever the customer is and what method they have opted for the shopping through vivo life loyalty code, it will ensure them to receive fabulous savings and discounts on their favourite items. So, every customer must enjoy their shopping experience with loyalty codes. So, it is important for every customer to never miss out on any deals; otherwise, they will regret it. Quite intelligent customers would never pay full price and will never miss out on the opportunity to save a big amount.

Vivo life student Discount

It's a great opportunity for the students to grab the deal by availing a 10% discount by buying products through an online vivo life store. They have a benefit to unlock the deal with the student beans as every student, first of all, has to register themselves on the student beans i.e., known to be as the world's leading student loyalty channel which is a marketing technology company that helps every brand and services provider to run its student discount and loyalty programs to get connected with over 150 million students across 50 countries to get more student sales. So once the student has registered on the site, then they are eligible for the offers.

Vivo life software

Vivo life used order hive software as a service web-based technology of managing the applications over the internet and mobile software application which consolidates all the business modules like managing of inventory, processing of an order, shipment, creation of invoices, and tracking every detail of business—into a simpler form which is easy-to-use. Below mentioned are the benefits of the usage of order hive software for your understanding:

  1. It allows the vivo life to integrate the system as the inventory system automatically gets updated across the sales channel, which shows in the warehouse management system's records.
  2. Enabling the management system of vivo life to plans business strategy accordingly to boost the sale. 
  3. With this advanced software, vivo life is enabled to make timely informed decisions by having a detailed description of the business data in real-time, which enables them to keep an eye on the total expenses spend during a fulfillment time against the real profit made.
  4. The order hive system allows in reducing unnecessary inventory costs and also enables the business to improve productivity which helps, in creating through collaborating with the third party Logistics Company. 

Returns, Refund Policy, Shopping Tips

The customer has the right to cancel their order within 30 days of receiving their order. For the cancellation of the product, a customer must inform the company in writing within 30 days starting the day company has sent the order. Also, the customer must ensure that they will return the order in the same way they have received. Moreover, for the products to be refunded, or exchanged the items, which have received in an unused condition, and original packaging, so in that scenario, only "one return/refund" can be made by the customer. If in case, a customer accepts an exchange, then it cannot later be refunded back to him.

The delivery of the items is delivered in the following countries, i.e., UK, Europe, North America, Oceania, and Asia. While checking out, the cost of the product is displayed at the checkout. If in case the company discovers any discrepancy regarding the prices depicting on the site so, in that scenario, the company will inform the customer about the same and will give them the option of reconfirming their order at the correct price or if they wish customer can go ahead and cancel the same. Once the cancellation has been made, the company will pay the whole amount back to the customer. While delivering the product, a signature is required as an acknowledgment. If nobody is available to receive the product, the customer will get a card stating that delivery was attempted.

Also, the goods are dispatched within 1-2 days after receiving the order. The company won't refund the carrier charges if there is a delay in the shipment because of any issue. Dispatching of the items may differ as per the availability. Therefore, by placing an order, it indicates that a customer has a keen interest in that particular item and is obliged to the following terms and conditions. All products are related to the availability and confirmation of the order price. For returning any item, if a customer has received a faulty item then, they can request a replacement by sending them an email on

Vivo life reviews

Protein powders of vivo are made up of 100 % qualitative ingredients, and the tastes of those supplements are delicious. Vivo life used best plant-based ingredients to create the most effective protein powder as created by using fermented organic yellow pea that has 80 % protein which is good for digestion and superficial amino acid, hemp which contains all the essential amino acids required for the growth, a medicinal mushroom which helps in liver detoxification and stimulates the functioning of the brain, acai berries which is rich in healthy fatty acid omega, lucuma which is rich in iron, zinc and Vitamins B. All the products of Vivo life, are gluten-free and 100 % vegan as certified by the vegan society. 

Can a customer have to pay extra to get it delivered early?

If the customer wants to get their order at the earliest, they can send them an email, and Vivo life will ensure the product's speedy delivery at the customer's place.

Can a customer use the product if she is pregnant or breastfeeding?

All the vivo life products are 100% plant-based and are made up of superfood ingredients, so it is perfectly safe to use by any pregnant or breastfeeding customer. But if any item is launched with any new supplement, it is suggested to seek the doctor's advice before introducing them into the diet. For further information, all the products' ingredients are mentioned on the products page under the nutritional information tab.

Why does the Vivo life sell the products not certified organic?

Vivo life products are made in a certified organic facility, and the ingredients used to create them are grown without using any pesticides, and fungicides. However, a product can only be certified as 'organic' if all used ingredients are listed on the organic certifying body as Vivo life used very innovative ingredients like bio-fermented pea protein and plant-based products so all these ingredients cannot be certified as 'organic' as there are no written criteria for them by the organic certifiers because they are very new in the market. Therefore, vivo life products cannot carry Organic certification. Don't worry as vivo life is hoping the things to get change, rest assured that all ingredients used by vivo life are grown without herbicides and pesticides and thoroughly check is done for heavy metals and impurities.

From where does the Vivo life derive Branched-chain amino acids from creating a product?

Vivo life obtained branched-chain amino acids from sunflowers. As all the products of Vivo life are made in a certified organic facility, that is completely free from gluten, grains, dairy, soy and is certified as a 100 % vegan by The Vegan Society.

What is the expiry date of the Vivo life products?

Shelf lives of vivo products are comparatively shorter than most mass-market products, as they believe in using only the whole foods without the inclusion of artificial preservatives. The shelf life of 3 months gives a consumer sufficient time to use the product before it gets expired.

What is the shelf life of the Vivo products?

The vivo products' longevity is 18 months from the date of manufacture, which means it should be consumed within 60 days after opening the product.

How does a customer can cancel his/her subscription?

For cancelling the subscription, a consumer firstly has to log in to their account. Then by clicking on the subscriptions tab, which is further followed by a cancel button depicted next to each of the products which a customer has subscribed to.

How does Vivo life “refer a friend” platform works?

Refer a friend platform of vivo life is open for anyone interested in recommending vivo life's products to their friends, and relatives, therefore, want to earn a reward for the same. To access it, a consumer has to go to 'your account' page and need to click on the "refer a friend section." Also, customers make sure that every purchase in the future has to make through that particular link, which they will receive after clicking on the friend section without exiting the page. Otherwise, the referral will not work properly. The consumer won't be eligible for the rewards anymore. Whenever a consumer's friend makes any purchase, that particular consumer will get some commission on the same.

How can a customer login to their account to check the details?

For logging into their vivo life's account, a consumer has to click on the tab "My Account" from the main menu or otherwise enter the URL i.e.,

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