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Enjoy authentic perfect coffee anytime, anywhere with Wacaco

Do you ever feel disappointed when you want to drink coffee, and you go to a sophisticated cafe or hotel expecting them to serve a hot, satisfying coffee, but when the coffee arrives, and you take a sip with high-expectations you feel that the coffee is the worst one you have ever tasted in your life? Especially when you are on a trip or trek, you realize how difficult it is to find a place where you can get a perfect cup of espresso, which you can enjoy with peace.

Don’t worry! You will not have to face the same problem ever in your life as we are presenting before you, Wacaco, that has designed unique, small, light-weight coffee makers that you can carry with you and make your flawless coffee without any hassle.

About Wacaco:

Wacaco is a Hong Kong-based startup aimed at providing minipresso to coffee lovers to help them make instant coffee anytime, anywhere. This unique yet most desired idea of handheld espresso machine by coffee lovers has been made true by Hugo Cailleton, the founder of Wacaco.

You would be surprised to know that this product was a result of a personal project carried out to create a compact, convenient handheld espresso machine. But now the idea has evolved with time to provide people with a minipresso that they can take to any corner of the world to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee and enjoy their moments.

Wacaco is known for its creation that has been a problem solver to heavy and low performing espresso machines that were overpriced and did not even prepare a satisfying coffee. So, now you can enjoy an authentic coffee with minipresso that is portable and convenient to use, fairly priced, and excellent results. What else does a coffee admirer need?

Discover the new-heights of coffee love with the efficient yet lucrative products offered by Wacaco.

  • Nanopresso Product Range:

Nanopresso product range has set an altogether new standard for making coffee. The product has been elegantly crafted with a seamless finish and outstanding performance. Nanopresso has been overloaded with unexplored features and capabilities to take you to the next level of coffee love.

Nanopresso has massive power and is believed to perform much better than standard espresso machines. If you take the help of your hands, the machine reaches 261 PSI at stable pressure while you are extracting your coffee with unparalleled quality. Preparing a perfect espresso is not as easy as it seems to be. But innovation and creativity of this compact nanopresso have been made to fulfill all the parameters essential to prepare a perfect shot of espresso with a dense, rich crema layer each time to make it. 

The new portafilter design ensures that you do not find it difficult to clean the device deeply for better usage the next time you use it. An ergonomic design has been given to this innovation to make it light in weight, small and compact. Apart from all this, easy operation and 15% less force required (as compared to minipresso) have made it even more lucrative. Nothing and no one can stop you from enjoying your best coffee if you have ground coffee, hot water, and Nanopresso.

  • Minipresso Product Range:

If you want great precision and accuracy in your espresso, go for Minipresso NS. This product is built keeping in mind a mess-free coffee that tastes the same every time to make it. You have to use NS Capsules, which have ground, tamped, and measured coffee to leave no room for error. This powerful and innovative espresso maker would steal your heart with its features all embedded in a featherweight and compact device.

If you want to enjoy different varieties of ground coffee while maintaining the authentic taste of coffee, you must consider Minipresso GR, which is light-weight, sturdy, and convenient to carry shape. The extraction of this device is just perfect due to the accurate temperature maintained to prepare a flawless espresso.

To increase the volume of coffee, you can go for Minipresso Tank+, which is compatible with any of the Minipresso machines.

  • Pipamoka Product Range:

The all-new Pipamoka product range is designed to fulfill your desire for a perfect cup of coffee along with your wanderlust. Pipamoka is the first-ever designed coffee brewer that uses vacuum pressure to brew a quick, satisfying coffee for you within minutes.

A hand-powered device that does not require electricity or battery to work. You can even use it on various treks and remote places of the earth where electricity and batteries are not available. Being a Thermo mug, it allows you to keep your coffee hot for hours. So, you can enjoy every sip of this freshly brewed coffee at your comfort.

Such quick extraction that you will need only 2 minutes to brew the coffee. Oh my god! This technology is gonna be a lifesaver for you if you are a coffee addict. You can store up to 300mL of coffee in the mug. This economically designed Pipamoka does not require filters and, thus, ensures minimal wastage.

It is very simple to use this all-new portable coffee maker. All you need to do is put hot water in the brewer along with 16  grams of coffee. Twist the brewer for 2 minutes until the stainless steel cup is full of coffee. Replace the brewer with the lid of the cup, and that's it. You are all set to enjoy your coffee. A 2-year warranty is provided to you over the product. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or refund.

Apart from the machines mentioned above, Wacaco also deals in various coffee gears that you might require like machine protection covers, adapters for machines (if required), etc. If you want to shop these products at awfully reduced prices, take advantage of the Wacaco discount code.

Wacaco Discounts from Amazon:

Wacaco offers various offers and discounts if you order their products from Amazon. You can avail of a discount of up to 35% on various Nanopresso, Minipresso, or other wide range of products. To avail of this heavy discount, all you have to do is apply Wacaco Discount Code during checkout. Isn’t it great that you can enjoy such great products at rebated prices just by using Wacaco Discount Code?

Wacaco student discount:

Coffee is a great stress buster and helps a lot to deal with exam pressure and emotional ups and downs. So, Wacaco offers various discounts and offers for students who would like to avail of their products. You can get up to 25% off by using Wacaco Discount Code during checkout. Such discounts and offers make the brand unique and lucrative for students.

Refund Policy:

  • You can avail of exchange or refund only till 30 days of purchase of the product. In case you apply for an exchange or refund after 30 days of purchase, Wacaco would not be able to process your request after the given tenure.
  •   If you return the product in damaged condition, or certain parts of the product are missing, you would be eligible for a partial refund. If you return after 30 days of purchase, then only a partial refund would be made.
  • Initial shipping charges are non-refundable and would be deducted during the initiation of a refund.
  • In case of late or missing funds, you can contact the company. They will try to resolve your issues as soon as possible.
  • You must ensure that the product is purchased at the regular price for a refund. Products bought at sale price would not be eligible for a refund.

Return Policy:

If you want to return your product, make sure that it is unused and the packaging is intact. You have to return the product in the same condition in which it was received by you. Also, you must possess the receipt or proof of purchase to complete the return request. The return shipping costs are to be borne by the customer only and not Wacaco.

Shipping Policy:

It is very important to understand the shipping policy and various fees we will have to pay if we order a particular product. So, let's dive into the delivery policy and procedures of Wacaco.

  • If you are ordering products to an address outside Hong Kong, make sure that you calculate or estimate custom taxes or import duties that might be imposed as the company does not take responsibility for any such changes. 
  • For international orders, goods are often inspected at the port. In case of any tampering due to that, the company is responsible for that loss.
  • In case customs or import duties are not paid by you for three weeks, the product will still be returned to the company, and they will have to bear those charges. These charges will be deducted from the refund of the products and will not be borne by the company.
  • The delivery time given by Wacaco is just for reference. The company doesn’t promise the goods to be delivered within that time frame.
  • In case of the wrong shipping address, you would be charged an additional fee of a maximum of USD 40.00 for reprocessing order. So, be very careful with the address entered.

In case of any further query, you can contact the customer support of Wacaco for assistance regarding delivery policies, refund policies, warranty policies, return policies, etc.

What do people say about Wacaco?

Let’s see what the people who have used these espresso machines and coffee makers say about the product. So, mentioned below are some real-life examples of what people think about Wacaco.

“I have changed my perspective towards travel from the day I've heard about Wacaco. The day I heard about Minipresso, I couldn't wait and bought it the same day. The delivery was a couple of days late, but the wait was worth it. I am in love with the product. The coffee was just perfect. Even now, the coffee is as perfect as it was when I made it the very first time. Such a powerful compact tool in your hand during travel can enhance your love for travel and coffee ten folds. Every traveler should get this from himself/herself."

“I have been a working professional at a company for 12 years, but my love for coffee has only increased as time passes by. I used to hate the coffee at the office canteen. I was even ready to get an espresso machine at my office, but my boss refused. Now that I have Nanopresso, I love my job and my seamless cup of coffee with the perfect layer of crema over the espresso. It is very light-weight and convenient, so I can carry it in my laptop bag only. The time taken to brew the coffee is quite less, so I can enjoy every sip of coffee during my coffee break. Thank you, Wacaco!"

You need not to wait anymore. Grab our favorite coffee brewer today. You would find many products at rebated prices due to ongoing stock clearance sale. For further discounts, use the Wacaco Discount code during checkout. Also, return and refund policies are only applicable if you buy the product from the official website of Wacaco.

How can I protect the devices from scratches and enhance the life-span of the product?

You can simply avoid scratches by using a cover for the compact machine, which is available on the website. This would also enhance the life-span of the product. Apart from it, ensure proper cleaning of the device after every use.

Do Minipresso heat up the water?

No, none of the espresso machines or coffee makers heats the water. You must have hot water to prepare a coffee.

What is the difference between Nanopresso and Pipamoka?

Although there is a wide difference between Nanopresso and Pipmoka, which you can understand by looking at the comparison chart mentioned on the website to make it even easier for you to differentiate. But if I talk about the major one, nanopresso is an espresso maker; however, Pipamoka is a coffee maker.