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Waste Management is a trash collecting service based in Houston, Texas, and is the leading provider of comprehensive Waste Management services North America. The company began with the aim of promoting sustainable living. Since waste is a large part of the world that amounts to climate change and pollution, a good Waste Management system does wonders in preventing further degradation of the environment. As Jim Fish, the CEO, said, "The world is changing more rapidly than ever. To sustain and succeed in this change's face requires agility, adaptability, and, above all, a resilient spirit. We see these qualities tested and proven countless times daily by our employees who manage our customers' environmental needs." While handling your trash is something that you might not be willing to do, you may start with hiring others to do it responsibly for you. In recent years, Waste Management has begun to develop new markets for mixed paper and plastics, both domestically and around the globe. With their policy that puts their employees first, you can be sure to receive the best services available. They are a simple click or call away to becoming a tiny part of the sustainability movement.

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Services/products by WM:

Waste Management provides its services in two different types. One for your home and the other for industrial or business purposes.

For your Homes:

Waste Management offers a few different services for your homes. The services are listed below:

  1. Waste and recycling solutions: They offer easy to trash and recycling pick up services for the waste your everyday life creates. They offer free account setup and deliveries for your containers up to $75 in value. However, that offer is not valid for NM, UT, CO, and Tucson, AZ, locations. Additionally, there is no annual contract that you will have to sign with Waste Management. Hence, residential waste and recycling services are available without setting up an annual contract. All the drivers have received safety training.
  2. BAGSTER BAG: With the Bagster bag, you can easily find a convenient solution for any job that is too big for your day to day trash collection. These bags are extremely large and can easily fit enormous loads of garbage. Be it a one-time situation or you may just accumulate large loads of trash, these bags make it easy to collect your trash. In case you have insufficient storage to place big dumpsters, you can use these as a solution.
  3. Roll-off Dumpsters: Waste Management has a variety of roll-off dumpster sizes for any project. They are convenient and can easily be rolled off once full. The company's professional drivers will deliver your container for free. However, this is valid only on online orders in selected markets, the list of which has been put up on their website. Waste Management also offers a variety of dumpster sizes. They have the perfect sized container for any job. Waste Management also does not spring upon you any surprising additional fees. These are great with 24/7 access with online ordering, scheduling, and account management. They also have flexible, reliable, and professional delivery and pickup. Rush service is also available, depending on your needs.
  4. Large trash pickup services: Convenient pickup options for large items like appliances and furniture or just a lot of bulky items you may want to get rid of. These services guarantee that you will not have to worry about these just being thrown in the dumpster; instead, it will be recycled as required. You may not be sure if the item(s) you are willing to dispose of will be accepted, in which case you can simply email the customer service team for more clarifications and guarantees. If your item is too big, you may want to consider removing doors or extra add-ons to those pieces. This makes it easier to carry out of your house and for transportation as well.
  5. Bulbs, batteries, and electronics: As you may be aware, it is not advisable to simply dump your old electronic items in the trash or recycling. This is where Waste Management's Mail program, LampTracker, comes in. With this program, you can easily recycle many household items while keeping harmful materials like mercury out of the environment. It is easy to set-up right from the comfort of your home. For a home collection, you can schedule online at WMAtYourDoor.com or call 1-800-449-7587. This way, Waste Management can safely collect eligible bulbs, batteries, and electronics.
  6. Common Hazardous Waste: Not all waste can be handled the same way as regular day-to-day trash. Some common hazardous wastes and "hard to dispose of" items require a more specialized approach. These items may include paints, motor oils, garden chemicals, etc. Due to safety concerns, not all items can be collected with your normal trash pickup, and hazardous materials, if not properly disposed of, may have an adverse impact on the environment, which is why Waste Management with its decades of experience managing these materials responsibly can now remove them with their At Your Door Special Collection service. If the service isn't available in your area, you can instead bring your excess to one of the hundreds of convenient drop-off locations.

For your Business:

Whether you have a large-scale production business or just a small business, the waste you produce needs to be handled the right way. One such way to do this is by sustainably disposing of your trash, which is where Waste Management comes in.

  1. Business waste and recycling pick up: Waste Management is the perfect partner for your business with flexible offerings like a wide range of container sizes and pickup options. Clients also have the choice of signing one-year contracts that will fit your business needs. You can be assured that Waste Management will not spring upon you with additional fees suddenly. Additionally, Waste Management also offers roll-off dumpster rentals in different options for any project size delivered for free by their drivers.
  2.  Business waste compactors: Instead of spending excessively on regular trash pickups, Waste Management provides a solution with waste compactors that reduce pickup frequency, thereby saving money and vehicle emissions. One can also eliminate the burden of managing your compactor and prevent overflows and overweight compactors that could add costs. Waste Management offers solar-powered trash compactors to more traditional options. Ultimately, helping your business save money and be more environmentally friendly.
  3. Specialized waste streams: Specialised wastes need special care. With Waste Management, you can manage your hazardous, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical, or other special waste types. You can count on Waste Management to be reliable, timely, efficient management of waste, all of which are enabled by their qualified network of people, technology, and facilities.
  4. Sustainability consulting: Since sustainability is a huge part of what Waste Management stands for. Hence, Waste Management has found a way to collaborate with a personal and collaborative mindset. They work with you throughout the entire process, from project management, and assist you with their sustainability program development and program implementation. They have a unique team that provides you with the best expertise, consisting of industry experts who work closely with your organization.
  5. Electronics recycling: Being a part of a business is bound to generate excessive amounts of electronic waste. While you cannot simply eliminate them, Waste Management can help you safely dispose and even recycle these wastes. So the old TVs, computers, printers, phones, and other appliances, can find other uses.
  6.  Portable Toilets: Waste Management has your back for any form of social event or gathering. From single stalls to trailer-sized cubbies, they cover all possible solutions for you and the people. They come in two sizes, among which you can choose depending upon what you would want. You may only have to provide an electric outlet, but they have some toilets that are energy-sufficient. 
  7. Materials marketing: If you have a lot of excess material and do not know what to do with it, you can contact Waste Management to help find a second chance for those valuable resources. Better yet, you are delivered a certain amount back to you through their marketing services.

WM new Customer promo Codes:

If you are a new customer at Waste Management and would like to avail of their services, you can find many discount code options on the internet. They can save you up to 60% off on your garbage collection costs.

Waste Management dumpster rental promo code:

A few dumpster rental promo codes let you save up to 5% off your rentals. Since this is a one-time cost, this small saving may be the best deal you ever get.

Waste Management residential coupon code:

Various residential coupon codes give you up to $50 off every monthly pickup. This is a great deal and will save you tons of money.

Waste Management military discount:

Waste Management does not provide any military or veteran discounts. However, they provide employment opportunities to become a part of the greater sustainability movement and continue doing good for your society.

Waste Management coupon code From Reddit:

Reddit does not offer any Waste Management coupon or discount codes. However, you might find a site that has a few that will save you some money.

Waste Management coupon code Bagster:

Various coupon codes provide an instant discount of up to 5% off your purchases of the Bagster bags that Waste Management offers. Reduce your spendings while getting rid of huge loads of trash.

Shopping Tips:

There are many things to keep in mind when you choose Waste Management to be your garbage collection service. Firstly, you need to know that you contribute to the world's sustainability and ultimately leave a smaller footprint on nature. Secondly, the services are very user-friendly, thereby giving you a lot of options to avail according to your needs. Waste Management is the one-stop solution to all your problems, from getting rid of old furniture, appliances, etc. to hazardous chemicals; they provide an eco-friendly solution. Lastly, they are reliable and have professional employees trained to handle your trash and carefully collect them. You will be impressed by the company, and it is one less thing you worry about while taking care of your homes.

Waste Management reviews:

Many reviews applaud the Waste Management team and their employees for their dedication and work in helping them take their trash. Regardless of how big the pieces are, they took all of them without making a fuss or demanding extra money. Some reviews also suggest that there may be some delays in trash pickups, however, you can simply contact the customer service to fix your schedules.

How to contact Waste Management?

If you require additional information about Waste Management, please contact them at their designated request address: privacyofficer@wm.com, in case of any privacy issues. For all other questions or comments, please contact them at cslosangeles@wm.com.

How do I get help with billing issues?

You can use your My WM account to enjoy 24-hour access, download your invoices, understand your invoice, pay your bills online, update your payment information or methods, or enroll in Autopay and Paperless online. The website also has a page that has more information on the same.

How do I schedule a bulk pickup?

Often, when you have huge items that you need to throw out that are difficult to accommodate via a normal trash pick up, you can choose to schedule a bulk pick up service. This makes it very easy and is convenient, especially while disposing of mattresses, appliances, furniture, etc. You can visit their solution page to learn more and contact them for scheduling your pickups.

Where can I view my pickup schedule?

To view your pickup schedule, simply click on My WM from the menu and either log in or continue as a guest, after which, through the My WM Dashboard, you can go to My Services. You will then see your pickup schedule displayed, along with the next pickup date, holiday schedule, and other service requests you may have. It is important to note that waste collection typically occurs between 5 a.m. and 6 p.m. local time. You will also have to make sure the lid on your container is completely closed so the drivers can service them safely. Waste Management has ensured that they keep their motto the same and are always aiming towards a new innovative method of reducing waste and creating a more sustainable lifestyle with ease. They are always looking for more energy-efficient options that help release a smaller footprint into the world.

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