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Enjoy the excitement and joy of riding the best electronic skateboard with the WowGo Board. It is high quality, fast, trendy, and enthralling. Founded I 2017 by two young and energetic entrepreneurs Jason and Aiden, these skateboards by WowGo Board are less expensive as compared to its competition. WowGo 3X is built with the high precision and strength rear truck. It accommodates flawlessly with the Paris front truck. With this, one can enjoy an enthralling carving experience, and the self-designed shielding cover offers better protection of the drive system. These boards have an upgraded power system, which has a higher voltage and more commanding output. It can decrease 30% heat and has very little power drop and can work up to 14 miles range. Featuring 2*600W high-quality and High-precision motor, these skateboards have amazing dynamic balance, which reduces noise to a large extent when working.

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Popular WowGo Board Coupon Codes

% OFF Discount Title
14,706.57 INR Deal Get BATTERY PACK FOR WOWGO 2S PRO43.2V 12S2P at only 14,706.57 INR
33,826.06 INR Deal Get BATTERY PACK FOR WOWGO AT236V 10S4P at only 33,826.06 INR
19,118.76 INR Deal Get BATTERY PACK FOR WOWGO 3X43.2V 12S2P at only 19,118.76 INR
16,177.30 INR Deal Get BATTERY PACK FOR WOWGO 336V 10S2P at only 16,177.30 INR
9,559.01 INR Deal Get BATTERY PACK FOR WOWGO 2S/KT/MINI36V 10S2P at only 9,559.01 INR

Enjoy an Enthralling and Swift Ride with WowGo Electronic SkateboardsSkateboards

WowGo 3

With the globally acclaimed Paris truck, one can experience the comfortable bends, and it's also steady when rode at high speed. This skateboard comes with a zealous bearing that has high quality, high precision, low resistance, and zero noise and empowers one to get the additional range and enjoy the noiseless ride. WowGo 3 is made up of all Bamboo and fiberglass deck, which is more flexible and sturdier. The rider won't need to worry about the deck breakdown. It will provide the user with a relaxing and enjoyable riding experience and enhanced shock-absorbing capacity. WowGo 3 uses the unique 90*62mm 78A eccentric wheel, and the wheel is tender and resists wear and tear. The unique eccentric structure design and broader wheel width provide the user with improved shock absorption features and steadier riding experience.

WowGo 2S

Featuring zealous bearing, pushable functionality, durable battery, and most stable mainboard and Ergonomically designed remote; WowGo 2S is another amazing board by WowGo. All PCB electronic types of machinery are enclosed and protected by special solid adhesive to avoid injury caused by dust, water, and shock. Moreover, the deeply augmented algorithm makes its quickening and decelerating much smoother and seamless than most of the other competing brands.

WowGo Mini

With easy and smooth speeding and despeeding, pushable operations, enduring battery, and zealous bearing, WowGo Mini is another wonder product. It has a soft pushing feature and offers shock proofing resistance.

WowGo KT

WowGo KT has replaceable tire motors and a 4.0Ah powerful Samsung battery. It is a good quality electric skateboard and very popular worldwide. 

WowGo AT

WowGo AT comes with the 175*50 mm pneumatic AT wheels, which provide improved shock absorption and guarantees a comfortable ride. It can grip many kinds of road conditions more effortlessly than rubber wheels, such as dirt, gravel, and grass. Featuring a Continental 5M belt, flexible deck, double kingpin trucks and pneumatic wheels, flexible battery, and heat dissipation, this all-terrain skateboard offers an immensely comfortable riding experience. The modified enclosure is high-strength, flexible, and armed with the thermal basin that can decrease the failure rate of ESC & battery produced by warmness.


Cloudwheel for WowGo AT2 and 3X

With Cloudwheel for WowGo AT2 and WowGo 3X, one can upgrade the WowGo AT2 and WowGo 3X seamlessly. It comes in a package of 4 x Cloudwheels, 8 x good quality bearings, 2 x Pulleys with bearings which are compatible with WowGo AT2 or WowGo 3X) 2 x Continental Belts.

WowGo 3/3X Wheels

This Front Wheel Left and Right Pair is for Sports and Outdoors purposes. A Pair of Front Wheels for Electric Skateboard,90mm, with PU surrounded offers the best in class rides. They come with bearings and are available in two colors; orange and black.

Electric Skateboard Front Wheels

These pairs of front wheels come with zealous bearings and are perfect for outdoor travel and sports. Available only in black color, these pairs of front wheels have a hardness of 82A.

Drive Wheels

Drive wheels are available in orange and black color options and are a perfect fit for WowGo3X. With a 90*60mm eccentric wheel design, this drive wheel is wider and tender, comes with bearings and pulleys, and offers enhanced shock absorption.

WowGo Board Skateboard Remote 

The electronic skateboard remote is handy and very useful and available in black color. This Universal mini 2.4Ghz radio transmitter remote control device is compatible with all WowGo board models and variants.

Electric Skateboard ESC

This ESC is more powerful, provides quicker acceleration, and comes with nine-pin waterproof connectors. It's very easy-going even when the rider accelerates and brakes abruptly. This ESC is flawlessly compatible with WowGo batteries and WowGo motors.


Skateboard batteries are available in all variants of WowGo boards. With the capacity of 59Wh, 6Ah Rate Voltage: 43.2V Battery cells: 12S2P Samsung 30Q; these WowGo batteries are very useful. 

Hub Motor

All the black motors are with improved and enhanced durable Urethane, which has better capacities of wear-resistance. Hub motors are powerful and steady, and its effectiveness is better than other standard motors in the market.

Belt Motor

Aided with power 600W/per motor. This Belt Motor is strong, powerful, reliable, and stable quality and mostly compatible with WowGo 3X skateboards. 

Nose Guard

Nose Guard is used to protecting the deck from inadvertent bumps and jerks. 

Electric Skateboard Deck

The deck for the Wowgo electric skateboards is simple to install. They are made of bamboo plus fiberglass, which has very enduring strength and flexibility. It offers a comfortable riding experience and can lessen some shock when someone rides.

WowGo Discounts

Quite a few coupons and promotional sites, as well as eCommerce sites, offer WowGo discount code in the coupons. On redeeming these coupons, one can enjoy 10-40% discounts on WowGo boards and accessories. To ensure that you don’t miss out on these lucrative offers, keep an eye on the coupon sites like Reddit and eCommerce sites like Amazon.

WowGo Shipping Policy

WowGo ships worldwide and provides free shipping facilities to 68 countries. From Austria, Greece, Belgium, Italy, Croatia, Malaysia, Portugal, Thailand to Taiwan, Spain, South Korea, San Marino, Singapore, and Monaco and others, WowGo offers free shipping privileges. WowGo also ships to Canada, Bangladesh, Norway, Israel, Japan, Nepal, Mongolia, Turkey, and Ukraine and charges shipping charges. 

For standard shipping service, the products are shipped by sea. All USA-based locations receive the products within 25-35 days and European countries within 30-35 days of placing the order. For other countries, one may write to the customer service desk of WowGo. The fast shipping services provided by WowGo are done through air services, and the US nation may take 8-16 workdays to get the product. In Europe and Canada, it may take about 15-22 business days, and for Asian countries, it is 7-10 workdays after placing the order.

When the item is shipped, the customer is immediately communicated through email with the tracking number, which helps him to trace his order. If anyone wants to change or cancel the order after placing, he needs to do the same within 2 hours of placing the order. After that, modification or cancellation of orders won't be possible.

WowGo Warranty Policy

WowGo boards are built with the world-class configuration of motors, batteries, and ESC. The company tests all discrete parts and conduct a run through with each WowGo Board for 210 minutes before packaging it up for consignment. So, the chances of defects and flaws are negligible. WowGo provides 180 days warranty on WowGo 2S/KT/Mini/3/3X boards. Any kind of manufacturing defect is covered in this type of warranty. The brand also offers 270 days warranty for the WowGo AT2 board and covers all kinds of manufacturing flaws. Recently the warranty on WowGo 2S/KT/Mini is stretched from 3 months to 6 months.

All spare parts, like the extra remote, batteries, motors, guards, and wheels, can be purchased independently and come with 90 days additional warranty. Any kind of liquid damage, wear and tear of wheels, and non-natural damage are not encompassed in the warranty umbrella. It is a mandate by the company to charge the electronic skateboard with the original charger; otherwise, the battery may get damaged or may catch fire, and any such damage is not covered by the WowGo warranty policy.

WowGo Returns and Refund Policy

WowGo has a slightly complex return and refund policy. In case of malfunctioning of the skateboard or any of its parts, The WowGo board can be easily fixed by replacement of the wrecked part. The company will always analyze and send free spare parts for boards under warranty, and the shipping fees will be collected from the buyer. 

The company stands accountable for detecting and sending free parts until the board is perfectly repaired. Such as if WowGo sends a battery and the problem persists, the company will keep sending ESC, Remote, Motors whatever required, until the correct part is sent and the board is repaired fully. 

If a customer experience quality and make issues within the 3-month warranty period, the company will provide with free spare parts, .and he just needs to bear the shipping fee. After the 3-month warranty period is over and exhausted, one can always purchase separate spare parts for the WowGo Board in the shop.

WowGo has no return and refund policy. They are so confident about the quality and functionalities of the product; that they have this kind of policy. They do not take backboards that are already shipped or even if the product is being built. The reason for this is the confidence in the product quality and the low-profit margin that they keep on every product. The company with this low-profit margin cannot afford to pay the shipping costs again and again. If anyone is unhappy with the product even after fixing it, the company is open to take all kinds of constructive feedback on the areas of improvement. WowGo is customer-centric and loves to listen and take recommendations from them. 

WowGo Board Reviews

Almost every user is happy, satisfied, and super excited to ride the WowGo skateboards. They have appreciated the smooth bending experiences, easy acceleration and despeeding, shock absorption power, and smooth ride. People have also shared good feedback about the top-notch design, board flex, and soft Wheels that make up for an awesome smooth ride. There are good reviews regarding the longevity of the WowGo boards. The WowGo boards are moderately priced and are of very good quality. The skateboards deliver in speed, braking, hill climbing ability, longevity, and smooth bending and maneuvering. People have labeled this as an amazing purchase and have assessed its budget price over others in the market. Along with this, many users have reviewed and shared positive feedback about their full-coverage of warranty and best and most prompt customer service, both for sales and after-sales support.

How to adjust steering sensitivity?

The rider can adjust the stiffness of the nut at the front of the truck by using a T wrench. One can loosen the nut to make the navigation flexible. Tightening the nut will make the steering maladroit.

How much weight can a WowGo skateboard carry?

The max load a WowGo skateboard can carry is 280 pounds or 150kg. The company suggests a maximum weight of 264 pounds or 120kg and below, as weights above this might have an impact on performance and speediness.

When can the customer receive a tracking number?

Normally the customer gets the tracking number within 48 hours after placing the order.

Can the order, once placed, be changed?

A customer can change the order within 2 hours of placing the order. After 2 hours, nothing can be modified in the placed order. As WowGo skateboards do not have a return and refund policy, the customers are advised to double-check the order before placing it finally.

Can the customer request redelivery in case of a failed 1st attempt?

If the courier company has failed to deliver the product due to incorrect address or unavailability of the recipient, he can request redelivery, but all the extra expenses will have to be borne by the customer.

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